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Located in the new business center of Guiyang,the capital city of Guizhou province,southwestern China,CWTP presents a unique opportunity for both established and emerging innovative companies through providing an array of coordinated interoperable functions,amenities,and support services that serve as a platform for business to succeed from day one.The office complex features favorable advantages including access to a talented workforce,stable temperate climate,government financial incentives,modern infrastructure,and a high quality of life.

Pre-certified as LEED Gold,CWTP is currently the only office building with such a designation in Guiyang.

CWTP and its surrounding area have become the primary office cluster in Guiyang.There are over one thousand companies with operations in High Tech zone,Some of the larger business operations include the Long Master headquarter,China Hydro Engineering,Kweichou Maotai,Guizhou HTOT (the largest manufacturer of synthetic sapphire),Guizhou Yaguang Electronics.The CWTP campus has a 100% occupancy rate,and is host to large tenants such as Fortune 500 Asia firms Sinopec,China Minsheng Bank,and China Unicom.

Neighboring offices house companies such as Longmaster, China Hydropower,and Maotai, which already forming a cluster of technology and large national companies surrounding CWTP.



With the favorable government dedication to develop the western China, and specifically Guizhou Province,CWTP and its resident companies benefit from the modernization of Guizhou which offers a new transportation and telecom infrastructure,and favorable government policies.Located in the heart of Guiyang's only national high tech development zone,CWTP's technology-based resident companies can multiple benefits tax rebates or exemptions as well as other incentives.


CWTP is ideally located at the intersection of two major city thoroughfares- Changlin Road and Yangguan Avenue and within close proximity to the area's major road and expressway network which provide easy access to all major points within Guanshanhu District- Guiyang's new political and business center district.CWTP is only 200 meters from the new city light-rail station and the 210 national highway,which is currently being upgraded and widened.From Yangguan Avenue at the front of the CWTP campus, Guiyang's new North Station high speed rail station is within one mile's distance.Within one mile distance is the city's International Expo and Convention Center,Government Administrative Center,0lympic Stadium and Sports Center,major area hospitals,high schools and universities and the famous Guanshan Lake Park.

With its close proximity to the Gui-zun,Gui-huang,and Gui-bi expressways as well as the new divided second ring road,and orbital ring road expressways,CWTP is easily accessible from Guiyang's old city center,the main bus terminal and the upgraded Guiyang's Longdongbao International airport,with a passenger capacity exceeding 15.5 million passengers annually.


Being an IASP associated member since 2010,CWTP is dedicated to provide resident companies the ideal atmosphere and platform for business expansion and innovation by offering unparalleled access to a network of hundreds of IASP affliated companies all over the world including many global tech giants like Microsoft,Google, IBM,Apple,Cisco,Oracle,and Sony.

Our series of social networking avenues within the park will also give companies chances to connect with one another or forming partnership,exploring new business opportunities.

The Guiyang International Talent City,the Shanghai Pudong talent center and the Guiyang municipal government's joint effort to build first class employment and human resource center,is located at the north annex of the CWTP campus,and provides resident companies ready access to a customized regional human resources support and services.

CWTP offers sophisticated telecommunications infrastructure and abundant business resources that match resident companies' needs.


  • Building stats

    Total building space of 180,000sqm

    Two level underground parking garage with 1,300 car spaces

    Density less than 30%,greening ratio 35%

  • Building system & facilities

    Dual source power providing 24 X 7 uninterrupted power

    Separate luxury elevators between the office and support services

    Fiber optic,broadband,and wireless network infrastructure as standard options.

  • Floor layout

    Typical floor plate is 1,270sqm

    Floor to floor heights of 3.6m for office; lobby has 9.6m (Tower three)

    Central bathroom for each floor

    Flexible office space configuration that suits different companies needs

  • Ecological & environmental protection

    Rainwater retention system

    Light pipes

    Geothermal sourced HVAC system

    Solar panels & rooftops gardens on all buildings

    Low-e glass and stone facade with broken-bridge aluminum alloy window

    Energy saving lifts,escalators & lighting

  • BIS (Building Intelligence System)

    24 hours security guard system

    CCTV monitoring system with security patrolling system

    Digital signage IC card system

    Parking management system


CWTP offers wide range of first class amenities and support services: professional lDC data center,high quality business accommodations,international Conference center,international food court,world class fitness center,banks,convenience store,printer,coffee shop and incubation center.